In Moving Cary Forward

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Sean StegallThis quarter marks my second year with the Town. When I reflect on that time, I’m struck by how much more I know today than when I started. I know more about Cary’s history, its role in the region, and our passionate and knowledgeable citizens. And I’m certainly more familiar, and even more impressed, with Cary’s foresight in putting forth the Imagine Cary Community Plan vision to guide us into the future.

But with familiarity comes the ever-present challenge to remain curious, to continue questioning, and to continue taking smart risks that will allow us to innovate. I remain committed to challenging myself — and all of us — to not lose our fresh eyes and ability to question the status quo as we march ever closer to the future.

These two years have been for me, and for the entire organization, about learning and experimenting, constantly looking for ways to improve, and defining what makes Cary — and our people — so very special. The topics we have prepared for our time together in November perfectly reflect those themes well. 

On November 8, when we gather in downtown Cary at Chatham Station, we will consider the following items:

  • An update on our evolving, more adaptive approach to stormwater;
  • Consideration of policies to guide Cary’s police with more broadly implementing body cameras;
  • And we’ll also share updates regarding our branding initiative and our downtown park, both signature initiatives that are intended to reflect, and define, our larger Cary community.

One year ago, Council and staff came together at SAS for our first quarterly meeting. Beginning a new habit or exercising a new behavior is never easy. It comes with its own host of challenges and feelings of uncertainty. Yet our approach to the quarterly rolling budget and meetings has been one of continued improvement and refinement. My colleagues and I look forward to making incremental and meaningful adjustments to our time together, with your guidance, over the next year as well.

In closing, I’d like to recognize the efforts of Karen Mills, CFO extraordinaire, for spearheading the quarterly report process over the past year. This document you hold in your hands is truly remarkable. I want to thank her for her dedication to this document, and her fellow directors, and for making the quarterly report a ‘must read’ for our Council, staff and citizens. 

In Keeping Cary Great,

Sean R. Stegall
Town Manager