Financial Highlights - Q1 FY 2019

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In Q1 the financial focus was a look back at FY 2018. The audit confirmed that the Town remains in excellent financial condition. The Town has capital resources, revenue capacity and an expense management culture to provide Council with choices on how best to fulfill the vision and highest priorities in the Imagine Cary Community Plan.  

However, the choices won’t be easy. While the community matures and revenue growth slows, Cary strives to be the Local Government That Doesn’t Exist. The vision and desire to provide higher service levels continues upward on an exponential path. Focused capital planning and the quest for operational efficiencies have become essential discipline.

The core building blocks of AAA rated financial management are in place. Town finances are based on a solid foundation of fund balance, cash reserves and manageable debt. Well-maintained infrastructure and revenue capacity exists in the tax base and in model citizens who are here by choice. These assets provide the Town’s elected officials the ways and the means to protect the Town’s position and move forward. 
Consistent with the past, the first quarter of FY 2019 experienced progress on capital and operational projects as well as solid service delivery.  

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FY 2018 Audit Complete
FY 2019 Q1 Financial Results - General Fund
Property Tax
Real Property Taxes
Vehicle Taxes
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Intergovernmental Revenues
Permits and Fees
FY 2019 General Fund Expenses
Utility Fund
Capital Projects
Budget Amendments and Citizen Input
Q1 Delegated Budget Authority Action
Budget Public Input and Recommendations
Cash and Investments
Economic Outlook