Q1 FY 2018

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The Cary Way

The Cary Way. It is a term we have used for many years without a common definition. In the first quarter of FY 2018, we agreed upon a common definition, but, most importantly, we continued to demonstrate its meaning throughout our day-to-day interactions and through shared accomplishments.

Welcome to the new quarterly report, with a fresh format and approach that exemplifies the “Cary Way: Working Together to Change Lives through Exceptional Service.” Information is organized to complement our visioning document, the Imagine Cary Community Plan, by addressing topics by plan chapter rather than by department.

The Town’s fiscal year, set by state law, begins on July 1. Throughout this report, activities and data are referred to as “Q1” to represent accomplishments for the first quarter of the fiscal year (“FY”) 2018: July, August and September 2017. Organizing the Quarterly Report by fiscal rather than calendar year better correlates the budgeted resources with outcomes based on a variety of data sources, except police, which matches federal crime data on a calendar year basis.

Financial Highlights

Q1 FY 2018

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