Council Districts

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The Cary Town Council has seven members, all of whom are elected to four-year terms. Voters throughout Town choose the mayor and two at-large representatives. Each of the other four council members is a district representative (Districts A, B, C and D) and is chosen only by voters within the district. District representatives must live in the districts they represent.

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The Town Council last amended boundaries of all four districts in May 2011 to balance population totals as state and federal law require after each nationwide census. In April 2010, Cary's estimated population was 139,620 citizens - making the ideal average population for each of Cary's four districts 34,905.

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Town Council candidates do not run as members of political parties, so there are no primaries. The Town of Cary utilizes the Election and Runoff Method of Election. In October of odd-numbered years, Cary-registered voters cast their votes. If there is no clear majority winner (50 percent of those casting ballots, plus one) for a particular seat, then the candidate receiving the second highest number of votes may call for a runoff election. A runoff election, if needed, is conducted in November. 

Town elections are held in odd-numbered years. The mayor and all Council members serve four-year terms. 
  • The mayor, District B, District D, and one at-large seat are elected in the cycle that includes 2015, 2019, 2023 and so on.
  • District A, District C, and one at-large seat are elected in the cycle that includes 2017, 2021, 2025, and so on. 
A full list of current Council members and their terms is available from the Wake County Board of Elections website. 

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