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Council Group Photo December 2015

 From left to right: 

Ken George, District D Representative 
Jack Smith, District C Representative
Lori Bush, Mayor Pro Tem, At-Large Representative
Harold Weinbrecht, Mayor
Don Frantz, District B Representative
Jennifer Robinson, District A Representative
Ed Yerha, At-Large Representative


Harold Weinbrecht

It is an under-statement to say that Harold’s dedication to public service is due to his bloodline. As a nephew of former mayor Fred Bond, he spent his childhood in Cary and then returned here in 1987 to raise his family. The charm, sense of place, its natural beauty, and its people have kept Harold and his family here throughout the years. Harold’s political involvement began in 1997 when he started the Citizens for Balanced Growth website to raise awareness of government meetings and issues. The next political step was appointment to multiple advisory roles. He was elected to Council in 1999 as an At-Large representative and returned as the Mayor in 2007. His tenure in Cary’s history is, and will continued to be, shaped by his guiding principles: the maintenance of a high quality of life for its citizens through the provision of valuable amenities by an open government in which citizens have a strong and relevant voice.

Lori Bush

Lori Bush is Mayor Pro Tem, and an At-Large Council Member on the Cary Town Council.  Although she grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, she is proud to call Cary, NC her home.  A graduate of the Missouri School of Science and Technology in Computer Science, she’s a fierce technology advocate and a self-professed “gadget girl” with an insatiable curiosity for combining technology and public good. First elected in 2011, she’s has championed technology adoption in Cary through the Technology Task Force and the Town’s Open Data program and Smart Cities expansion.  She’s also an environmentalist-wannabe that composts and tries to garden, while also working full-time at Cisco Systems where she creates learning solutions for the next generation of Network Engineers.  When not hounding or visiting her grown children who live in NYC and Boston now, you might see Lori out on the greenways or on the road in her “Elf” as an avid cyclist, or dancing away at Jazzercise. 

Jack Smith

As the longest-serving Council Member in Cary’s history, District C representative Jack Smith was first elected in 1989, shortly after moving here in 1986. As a former US Army Cavalry Captain, Jack often spearheads efforts and events that support and honor those who fought and died for our freedom. The skills that led to Jack’s success as an Executive Placement and Organizational Development professional assist him in his current endeavors as the owner of Custom Golf Travels, LLC. Though the landscape of Cary has changed since his arrival, Jack’s guiding values and goals for the town remain the same. He is focused on keeping Cary clean and green, neighborhood-friendly, affordable, and well planned to meet the goals of responsible growth, fiscal management, economic development, and environmental stewardship. 

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson has served as a Council Member for Cary since 1999. Her highest priorities include forward-thinking planning, high development standards, environmental stewardship, as well as excellent infrastructure, services and amenities. With a focus on protecting the quality of our community, she hopes that the work done today will ensure that Cary is a premier place to live for future generations. In addition to serving on the Council, Jennifer works for SAS, a data management and analytics company, and serves on several boards that promote the success of our community, region and state.

Don Frantz

Don has been an influential part of Cary as a downtown resident, business owner and active member of numerous civic organizations. Moving here in 1992, Cary is where Don met his wife and where they decided to raise their six children. Elected in 2007 as the District B Representative, Don’s priorities are: maintaining Cary’s small-town charm as our community continues to grow, downtown revitalization, environmental stewardship, providing good jobs through effective economic development initiatives and finding common sense solutions for what are oftentimes complex problems. For Don, government must be focused on working for, and respecting, the citizens it serves.

Ed Yerha

A graduate of New York University where  he studied “metropolitan leadership”, Ed got to put this knowledge to use when he moved to Cary with IBM in 1995.  Ed discovered Cary’s charm and sense of place and wanted to do more than just give back.  He became involved in various charitable and civic organizations, most notably serving as President of the Friends of the Page-Walker.  He served 14 years on Town Boards and Commissions before becoming the At-Large Representative on the Council in 2012 and was honored to serve as Mayor Pro Tem in 2015-2017.  Ed has been an advocate for Cary’s environmental initiatives and a strong supporter of the Town’s sports and cultural arts venues and programs.  He’s a guiding voice in the preservation of Cary’s history and hometown values while making decisions that allow future generations to enjoy the marvelous quality of life that Cary has to offer.

Ken George

Ken George, Council Member District D, has been serving Cary residents since 2015. He is a lifelong Cary-area resident, attending Cary Elementary, Kingswood, West Cary, and then graduating from Cary High School.  Ken obtained his bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University in French Language and Literature, minoring in Classical Greek Language. He and his wife served as missionaries in the Dominican Republic during 2008-2010.  Ken founded NetSmart, Inc. in 1995 and is currently President and CEO. Continuing the tradition of keeping the community great, Ken is guided by his commitment to ensuring that citizens have the opportunity to participate in their government, feel that their government is responsive, and are able to thrive in Cary’s economy.


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