Nomination Instructions

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Town of Cary
Hometown Spirit Award Nomination Instructions

 Nominations are accepted within a designated deadline annually. Nominations received after the deadline will not be considered. The Town Clerk's office will acknowledge receipt of all nominations.


  1. Awarded annually to one Cary resident
  2. Nominees must be Cary residents (Town employees, current elected officials and individuals in an official race for an elected position, anyone who has served as an elected official in the past 20 years, and memorial nominations in honor of deceased residents are not eligible)
  3. Nominators must be Cary residents
  4. Nominees must be 21 years of age and older
  5. Nominees must demonstrate leadership and integrity and have no disqualifying factors
  6. Nominees must be respected by their peers
  7. An individual may only receive this award once
Nomination Process

Nominations are accepted during a designated period, which is announced to the public.

Criteria and Examples

  • In October of each year, the Town Clerk's Office invites individuals to a meeting to select one award winner (examples of people who might be invited to this meeting include: board/commission chairs or members; department directors; past award winners; other staff and Cary residents involved with other Town or community award programs; etc.). Town Council members are not involved in the selection process.
  • All nominees and nominators are invited to attend a reception in honor of all nominees. Nominees are encouraged to invite their families and friends. Past award winners are also invited. 
  • The Mayor and Council members will present all nominees with a recognition certificate at the reception. 
  • All nominees will be recognized with a write-up on the Town’s Web site.
  • Photos of the most recent winner with an excerpt from the nomination form will be displayed in a designated area at Town Hall.

Julie Mitchell
Senior Administrative Assistant
Town Clerk's Office
(919) 319-4505