2020 Hometown Spirit Award Nominees

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Pat Galloway 

Pat Galloway 2020 HTSA Finalist
Galloway, a former Wake County teacher, is known to her friends as the Recycling Queen. She was one of Cary’s first block leaders back in the 1980’s when she began promoting and educating her fellow Cary citizens on the importance of recycling. Galloway is described as taking composting and recycling to the next level and always encourages her family, friends, and those she meets to do them same, but always in a friendly manner. Her nominators shared Galloway can be found walking around Cary picking up anything and everything she can recycle and strives to leave behind a better, greener, kinder world. She is an active committee leader in the JOBC Find a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis and leads the initiative “Wrapped in Love”, which allows for families in need to shop for their loved ones during the holiday season. Galloway is always willing to offer a helping hand to all those she encounters, never asking for anything in return. She is all about giving and caring for those in her community.

 Janet Holcombe

Janet Holcombe 2020 HTSA Finalist
Holcombe, a local realtor, described as the heart of the neighborhood in Cary’s Farmington Woods. Holcombe has lived in Farmington Woods for over 40 years with her family. Over the years she has been a dedicated volunteer in schools, church, and the community. Her nominators share the importance of the neighborhood directory she put together for Farmington Woods, which resulted in a priceless bonding resource for the neighborhood. The directory ultimately shared which neighbors were available as babysitters and pet sitters, or could offer yard work assistance. Her nominators share it is impossible to know how many friendships, first jobs, neater yards, moms matched with babysitters and helpers came out of her hard work. The directory overall created a way to connect and allow neighbors to get to know each other better. She is described as a walking Chamber of Commerce for Cary and radiates her love for her community every where she goes. Holcombe represents Cary in the best possible light, the epitome of the ideal neighbor and active community member we all need in our lives and should aspire to ourselves.

Brent Miller

Brent Miller 2020 HTSA Finalist
Miller, an employee for IBM, shows his life-long commitment and dedication to Cary, where he has lived for nearly 30 years. He has becoming deeply engaged in Cary’s civic life and looks for opportunities to apply his knowledge to help the community. Brent’s nominators shared that his long-term and varied involvement in the civic life of Cary over 25 years embodies the vibrancy that characterizes Cary’s culture of community and is the essence of the hometown spirit. He has been a member of the Friends of the Page-Walker since 2006, where he developed the comprehensive photo presentation of historical structures and is the editor of the Friends of the Page-Walker’s newsletter, The Innkeeper, which shares cultural events and Cary’s history. Brent served two terms on Cary’s Planning and Zoning Board, where he provided meaningful input on land development showing a respect for how land use decisions impact citizens. He has also served on the Board of Directors for Cary Emergency Medical Services. As part of his service on Cary’s Historic Preservation Commission, Brent led a comprehensive study on Cary’s historical resources that recommended four new local historical landmarks and helped develop the 2010 Historic Preservation Master Plan. He is a consummate volunteer at Cary’s events and programs and contributes to many other Cary based groups.


The winner will be announced during the remote Town Council Meeting on Thursday, November 12.