2017 Nomination Period

The 2017 Hometown Spirit Award nomination period is August 28th - September 22, 2017.

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Award Details

The Hometown Spirit Award is bestowed annually on a Cary resident who enhances the quality of life in Cary by preserving, promoting and carrying out positive and quantifiable traditional small-town community values and traits as embodied in the following criteria:

  • Helps out neighbors and fellow Cary residents
  • Demonstrates hospitality
  • Promotes and preserves traditional American past-times
  • Shows a concern for preservation and works to preserve traditions and the small-town atmosphere in the community
  • Promotes entrepreneurship through supporting locally-owned business
  • Promotes a sense of community in their neighborhood and all of Cary
  • Demonstrates patriotism through promotion and preservation of the country's symbols and dedication to the U.S. military, past and present
  • Serves the community through business

Nomination Instructions


  1. Awarded annually to one Cary resident
  2. Nominees must be Cary residents (Town employees, current elected officials and individuals in an official race for an elected position, anyone who has served as an elected official in the past 20 years, and memorial nominations in honor of deceased residents are not eligible)
  3. Nominators must be Cary residents
  4. Nominees must be 21 years of age and older
  5. Nominees must demonstrate leadership and integrity and have no disqualifying factors
  6. Nominees must be respected by their peers
  7. An individual may only receive this award once
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Nominator Contact Information
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Nominee contact information

Summarize why you believe this person should receive the Hometown Spirit Award. Comment specifically on all the applicable criteria (both general and specific) as listed on this form. Please do not include any additional materials as attachments. Please do not exceed 500 words.  

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