2013 Annual Report

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  • As specified in Section 8 of the LDO, review and make recommendations related to the recreation land dedication/payment in lieu requirement for each residential development plan submittal.

    • The Board reviewed 30 land dedications in accordance with Section 8 of the LDO.  (October 2012 – September 2013) 
  • Review, comment, and make recommendations as necessary related to PRCR policies, initiatives and capital projects brought forward by staff.  Appoint Board members to serve as liaisons on design committees for capital projects. Priority capital projects for 2013 will include:

    •  PRCR Master Plan – The PRCR Advisory Board and Committees reviewed the Plan’s Goals, Objectives and Action Steps in February 2012.  The Board approved the Master Plan in August 2012; approved by Council in November 2012.
    • Community Investment Bond Projects – These projects, totaling approximately $16 million were presented to the Board in October of 2012.
    • Carpenter Park – In November 2012, Paul presented a rendering of the park design and reviewed the proposed program elements; the Board approved the Master Plan.  In January, Council approved the Master Plan.
    • FY14 CIP Budget – Staff presented the operating and capital improvement achievements for the prior year to the Board in preparation of the FY14 Budget process.
    • Lighting Standard Procedure – This new procedure for dealing with lighting-related weather incidents was presented to the Board in May of 2013.
    • Old Reedy Creek Road Trailhead Project – This project was presented to the Board for their review in June of 2013.
    • CORE Plan – The “Center of the Region Enterprise Plan” was presented to the Board for their review in July of 2013.
    • Downtown Park – Staff presented the concept plan to the Board in August of 2013.
  • Interface with other citizens for input:  1) formally, the Public Speaks Out portion of the agenda, serves as a conduit for citizen input related to Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources’ initiatives; 2) board members reach out to neighbors and other community contacts to seek input .

    • In November, 2012, the Advisory Board conducted a public meeting with residents of Carpenter Village to review the proposed Carpenter Park.
  • Collaborate, as necessary, with the three Board committees (Athletics, Cultural Arts and Greenways) relative to current issues and initiatives.

    •  At each Board meeting, committee chairs (Athletics Committee; Cultural Arts Committee; Greenways Committee) gave updates; addressed concerns and elicited feedback on initiatives.
  • Provide volunteer support for PRCR programs/events

    •  The Board provided ongoing volunteer assistance (1,476.5 hrs) in support of scholarship fundraising, community meetings including Bay Oak Connector to Black Creek, Carpenter Park Master Plan, special events including Lazy Daze, Spring Daze, National Trails Day/Black Creek Greenway dedication, The Cary Theater groundbreaking; Accreditation Team Reception and participated in the Stevens Nature Center 20th Anniversary.
  • Develop, implement, and track donations for funding the scholarship program (Relief for Recreation)

    • 2013 was a very productive year for the Board in raising funds for the scholarship program. In February 2013, the Board held its biggest fundraisers with a silent auction and Whole Foods Day ($3,521)!
    • As of June 2013, the Fund Balance is $29,440
    • The total funds raised in the last twelve months were $24,003.
  • Provide support and review of accreditation materials; assist with organizing and support of accreditation visit in 2013.

    • At the March 2013 Advisory Board meeting, staff presented a PowerPoint presentation that addressed the Self Assessment Report; Accreditation Basics; Direct Benefits of Accreditation; what to expect from the Accreditation Visitation Team.
    • In April 2013, Advisory Board members attended a reception welcoming the Visitation Team and shared their role as citizen advisory members to the community.
    • PRCR received re-accreditation certification; one of 108 in the nation and one of 7 in North Carolina.
  • Provide ongoing input and guidance on issues relating to open space protection, historical preservation and environmental sustainability and communicate our goals to other Town committees.

    • The Cary Theater, a historic property, now being refurbished for use by the Town of Cary. The ground breaking was held in December and we expect to achieve occupancy in January. 
  • Work collaboratively as needed, with other Town appointed Boards and Commissions on those issues related to the mission of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department.

    • Each month, the staff liaison gives updates on the Public Art Advisory Board’s initiatives.
  • Participate, as needed, in the development of the Cary Community Plan.

    • In April, Meredith Chandler and Scott Ramage of the Planning Department encouraged members to spread the word about the May 2nd Summit on the Future.
    • In November, Meredith Chandler and Scott Ramage of the Cary Planning Department talked about this new committee and asked that Board members help spread the word and encourage and recommend candidates to serve. Focusing on land use and the transportation plan, this committee will help to shape the future growth and development of Cary working closely with the Town of Cary planning staff, the planning consultant team and other community members to bring insight and perspective to the planning process.
    • Additionally, board members attended the Imagine Cary meetings.  Board member Robert Bush serves on the Transportation Advisory Group of the Committee for the Future.