Course Outline

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Town of Cary School of Government

Session 1 - April 24
Introduction to Town Government
Viewing the Town in historical context and understanding the basic structure, culture and organization

Session 2 - May 1

Imagine Cary: 2040 Community Plan 
Working toward Cary’s long-term vision, policies, and strategic actions

Session 3 - Sat, May 4

Utility Infrastructure 
Prerequisite for urban living - water and sewer service

Session 4 - May 8

The Development Process
Keeping Cary a community of choice: Proposed development is reviewed and approved based on the community's vision, Town code, and development ordinances within the context of constitutional property rights.

Session 5 - May 15

Budget and Finance: Protecting and Managing Financial Resources
Limited financial resources are allocated based on Town Council vision and priorities

Session 6 - May 22
Recreation, Leisure, and Building Community
Engaging the community with recreation, arts, and leisure opportunities
Session 7 - May 29
Public Works
Maintaining infrastructure and providing services

Session 8 - Sat, June 1
Public Safety
Protecting citizens - Police and Fire services

Session 9 - June 5
What’s new in Cary and recognition of participants