Select one of the options below to register your neighborhood or community group for a recycling or composting project.

Current Projects

Compost Workshop Kit

Get the materials and know-how to lead a composting workshop in your neighborhood or community group. This kit includes a one-time training session, where you will learn to demonstrate popular methods for composting at home and explain the basic science behind it. This project is only available to those who have attended a Compost Giveaway Workshop or have equivalent training/experience.

The Compost Workshop Kit includes:

  • One home composting bin for a neighborhood common area or multifamily use
  • A starter lending library of educational material about composting for children and adults
  • One bag of compost
  • Resources on how to lead a successful workshop

Please refer to Town of Cary Compost Ordinance before to ensure that this option is a good fit for your neighborhood.

Recycling 101

This is a public information session with Town of Cary Recycling Specialist Srijana Guilford. Bring your questions and feedback, and learn more about how to reduce waste through all Town of Cary recycling programs!

Participants will receive informational materials on local recycling and waste diversion resources that they can distribute to their neighbors or community members.

Teen Challenge

This is a special opportunity for teen leaders to step up and make a difference in their community and the environment using the power of social media.

To complete this challenge, create a social media campaign that generates awareness of the importance of waste reduction, covering topics like recycling, composting, food waste, upcycling, minimalism, etc.

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