2016 Special Use Cases

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The Special Use process is a quasi-judicial process, so contact with the Town Council prior to the public hearing is prohibited. Please be advised, the staff reports depicted in the table below are summaries only. Completed staff reports are posted the Thursday of the week prior to the Town Council meeting and will be available at the current Town Council Meeting Agenda at that time.  Check the web calendar to see council meeting dates.

Town Council will decide these matters following a quasi-judicial hearing (Policy Statement 167). Quasi-judicial hearings are different than regular public hearings in that they resemble a court hearing where testimony is presented. The Town Council should refrain from “ex parte communication” about these cases, as they must make a decision based solely on the written and oral evidence actually presented at the hearing itself. This means that the Town Council should refrain from receiving any information about these cases outside the hearing, including emails, phone calls, letters, etc. The Town Council should also refrain from conducting meetings about these issues outside the hearing. These same prohibitions do not apply to staff. Staff welcomes inquiries from the public about any of these cases.