2019 Rezoning Cases

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19-REZ-01 Twyla Road South PDD (Approved)
19-REZ-02 Alston Avenue PDP (Approved)
19-REZ-03 Southerland Gooch Property (Approved)
19-REZ-04 Piney Plains Multi-family PDP (Withdrawn)
19-REZ-05 Searstone Phase II PDD Amendment (Approved)
19-REZ-06 Carpenter Fire Station PDD
19-REZ-07 Pendergraft Tract (Approved)
19-REZ-08 Davis Drive PDD
19-REZ-09 Morrisville Pkwy Rezoning (Approved)
19-REZ-10 Petty Farm Rezoning (Approved)
19-REZ-11 Cary Towne Center PDP (Approved)
19-REZ-12 Carramore PDD Amendment (Withdrawn)
19-REZ-13 White Oak Church Resource Building Rezoning (Approved)
19-REZ-14 Technical Correction to Zoning Map for a Portion of the Property Located at 10411 Globe Road (Approved)
19-REZ-15 Sri Venkateswara Temple of NC (Approved)
19-REZ-16 Silverton PDD Amendment Parcel G PDP (Approved)
19-REZ-17 Dellinger PDD Amendment Tracts 3, 4, and 5
19-REZ-18 Young Property (Approved)
19-REZ-19 Ferrell Property (Approved)
19-REZ-20 West Cary Office Building PDP (Withdrawn)
19-REZ-21 Green Level Church Road Rezoning (Approved)
19-REZ-22 Somerset Park PDD (Withdrawn)
19-REZ-23 107 W Park Street (Withdrawn)
19-REZ-24 Carpenter Village PDD Amendment (Savaan) (Approved)
19-REZ-25 Piney Plains Multi-Family
19-REZ-26 Mt. Pisgah Rezoning (Withdrawn)
19-REZ-27 Cary Pointe PDD Amendment (Approved)
19-REZ-28 WakeMed Medical Office Park (Approved)
19-REZ-29 Lilly Atkins Rezoning
19-REZ-30 Jones Franklin Residential
19-REZ-31 Cornerstone Mixed Use Plan Amendment Rezoning (Approved)
19-REZ-32 Cary Park Rezoning SF-13 PDD Amendment
19-REZ-33 3012 Holly Springs Road Rezoning