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2018 Rezoning Cases

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18-REZ-01 Green Level West Rd. & Pine Rail Lane Properties (Approved)
18-REZ-02 Weston Planned Development District (PDD) O&I-2a Amendment (Approved)
18-REZ-03 Camp Branch Farms Property (Approved)
18-REZ-04 Green Level Mixed Use Destination Center (Approved)
18-REZ-05 Carpenters Pointe (Approved)
18-REZ-06 Jenks Road & NC 55 (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-07 Arthur Pierce North (Approved)
18-REZ-08 Fellowship of Christ (Approved)
18-REZ-09 Batchelor Road Assemblage (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-10 Lewey Property (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-11 Roberts Road (Approved)
18-REZ-12 Cary Pointe PDD (Approved)
18-REZ-13 Indian Wells Development (Approved)
18-REZ-14 Triangle Aquatic Center Expansion (PDP) (Approved)
18-REZ-17 234 Hillsboro St (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-18 Veterinary Specialty Hospital Expansion (Approved)
18-REZ-19 Morrisville Pkwy and NC 55 Hwy Assemblage (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-20 MacGregor Centre PDD Amendment (Approved)
18-REZ-21 6808 Good Hope Church Rd (Approved)
18-REZ-22 Green Level West Office (Approved)
18-REZ-23 6800 Holly Springs Road (Approved)
18-REZ-24 Wade Drive Townhouses (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-25 Green-Triangle Brick Assemblage (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-26 Walnut Street Rezoning (Approved)
18-REZ-27 Weston PDD (O&I 1C) Amendment (Approved)
18-REZ-28 Sorrell Acres (Withdrawn)
18-REZ-29 2832 Carpenter Upchurch Road (Approved)
18-REZ-30 Twyla Road North PDD (Approved)