2017 Rezoning Cases

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17-REZ-01 6200 Holly Springs Road (Approved)
17-REZ-02 1620 Wackena Road (Approved)17-REZ-02 1620 Wackena Road (Approved)
17-REZ-03 Terramor (Approved)
17-REZ-04 Weston PDD Amendment (Approved)
17-REZ-05 White Oak Church Road PDD (Approved)
17-REZ-06 Cary Towne Center PDP (Approved)
17-REZ-07 Urban Drive (Approved)
17-REZ-08 400 Keisler Drive PDP (Withdrawn)
17-REZ-09 7425 Wake Road (Approved)
17-REZ-10 Carpenter Upchurch Towns (Withdrawn)
17-REZ-11 Kildaire Farm Road & Penny Road Assemblage (Approved)
17-REZ-12 Silverton PDD (Parcel H North) (Denied)
17-REZ-13 Weldon Ridge PDD Amendment (Tracts SF-6 and S-1) (Withdrawn)
17-REZ-14 Fenton PDP (Eastern Cary Gateway Mixed Use Development) (Approved)
17-REZ-15 Old White Oak Church Road Assemblage (Approved)
17-REZ-16 Ridgeback Road (Withdrawn)
17-REZ-17 Arthur Pierce Road (Approved)
17-REZ-18 Chapel Hill Road (Approved)
17-REZ-19 Gordon Street (Approved)
17-REZ-20 Piney Plains (Approved)
17-REZ-21 Lewey Drive Residential (Approved)
17-REZ-22 Maple Springs Drive (Approved)
17-REZ-23 Village at the Park PDD Amendment (Approved)
17-REZ-24 Airport Boulevard (Approved)
17-REZ-25 Cary Town Center Phase 2
17-REZ-26 Regency Park Tract 7 West (Approved)
17-REZ-27 Bainbridge Cary Chapel Hill Road (Approved)
17-REZ-28 Wilson Road Rezoning (Approved)
17-REZ-29 Twin Lakes PDD Amendment (MUIII Parcel) (Approved)
17-REZ-30 WakeMed Medical Office Park (Approved)
17-REZ-31 Glenaire Expansion PDP (Approved)
17-REZ-32 Campbell Road Storage (Approved)
17-REZ-33 Macedonia Senior Living PDP (Approved)