Comprehensive Plan Amendments

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An Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan can be either cosmetic (i.e correcting errors) or substantive (map amendments). Substantive amendments are required when a property owner or applicant desires to amend the Land Use Map from one category (i.e. Low Density Residential) to another (i.e. Commercial). This is done to bring a proposed use into compliance with the land use designation. Substantive Comprehensive Plan Amendments are not required if the property is within a Mixed-Use Overlay district that was not a part of a Town-approved Area Plan (i.e. Southeast Area Plan, Northwest Area Plan, etc.).

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Cases

Please note: Case numbers are assigned in the year of submittal. If the case does not appear in the current year, please look in the previous year's case folder.

2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
2015 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
2014 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
2013 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
2012 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

For information on Comprehensive Plan Amendments prior to 2011, please contact the Planning and Development Services Department at 311 or (919) 469-4046


  • Public Hearings
    At least one public hearing is required; the Town Council holds the hearing.
  • Town Council Decision
    After reviewing Planning staff and Planning Board reports and recommendations, the Town Council makes a decision. A simple majority of the council decides the Comprehensive Plan Amendment.

For more information on the process, please refer to the Development section.

Who May File Comprehensive Plan Amendment Requests

Comprehensive Plan Amendment requests may be initiated by the Town Council, Planning and Zoning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, any owner of a legal or equitable interest in land within Cary or its extra-territorial jurisdiction, or any resident of the town or extra-territorial jurisdiction.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application [PDF]