2019 ACT Items

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Case: ACT-08 (Approved)
Description: Amendments to revise density, intensity, and height requirements for new development in the Town Center Mixed-Use Subdistricts; amendments to streamline the approval process for projects accompanied by an approved development agreement; and amendments to allow flexibility in façade design.

Town Council Public Hearing: October 24, 2019Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: November 18, 2019Staff Report
Town Council Action: December 12, 2019Staff Report

Case: ACT-09
Description: ACT 9 proposes LDO amendments to introduce dimensional requirements for new development in the Town Center Cottage Business & Residential (CB&R) District, to make minor clarifications/corrections to the Town Center Dimensional Standards Table, and to make a series of general clarifications and process improvements.  ACT 9 also proposes amendments to the Imagine Cary Community Plan’s SHAPE and MOVE chapters that would remove the Walker Street Extension Project from the transportation plan, add three new downtown connector streets to the plan, and clarify policies supporting multi-modal street design in downtown. 

Town Council Public Hearing: June 25, 2020, Staff Report 
Planning and Zoning Board: August 24, 2020, Staff Report
Town Council Action: TBD

Case: ACT-10
Description: Proposed amendment to the Imagine Cary Community Plan to add a parks and green-ways master plan for the Chatham-Cary Joint Land Use Plan area. The Chatham-Cary Joint Land Use Plan adopted in 2012 did not include parks and green-ways planning.  The Plan stated that the Town and County were to come back at a future date to master plan recreation facilities for this area.  Staff, working closely with Chatham County staff, have developed a master plan for the Joint Land Use Plan area to fulfill this recommendation. 

Town Council Public Hearing: May 23, 2019Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: July 22, 2019, Staff Report
Town Council Public Hearing: September 24, 2020, Staff Report 
Town Council Action: October 26, 2020, Staff Report 

Case: ACT-11 (Approved)
Description: Amendments to the Land Development Ordinance (LDO) and Code of Ordinance to shift most quasi-judicial decisions from Council to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBOA).This shift follows best practices recommended by scholars at the UNC School of Government that say governing boards should focus on legislative actions, while boards such as ZBOA should handle quasi-judicial cases.

Town Council Public Hearing: July 18, 2019Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: August 26, 2019Staff Report
Town Council Action: September 26, 2019Staff Report

Case: ACT-12 (Approved)
Description: Amendments to the Town Code and Land Development Ordinance (LDO) required by the July 12, 2019 enactment of Senate Bill 355 related to expiration of applications and permits and third-party down zonings; amendments to update references to town department names and staff titles and to delete outdated sections of Town Code; and minor and technical amendments related to authority of the Planning Director, posted notice of public hearings, deadline for filing appeals ,approval authority for certain development plans, modification of approved development plans, and neighborhood meeting procedure.

Town Council Public Hearing: August 15, 2019Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: September 23, 2019Staff Report
Town Council Action: October 10, 2019Staff Report

Case: ACT-13 (Approved)
Description: Amendments to the LDO to require qualifying new development to mitigate or model post-development discharge for the 100-year storm to demonstrate no adverse impact.

Town Council Public Hearing: September 26, 2019Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: October 28, 2019Staff Report
Town Council Action: November 21, 2019Staff Report



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Planning & Development Services Department
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