2018 ACT Items

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Case: ACT-04 (Approved)
Description:  New Definition and standards for brewery and distillery uses, Technical & Minor Amendments.

Town Council Public Hearing: February 22, 2018Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: March 26, 2018Staff Report
Town Council Action: May 3, 2018Staff Report

(ACT 3 & ACT 4 were combined into one staff report for final decision by Town Council)

Case: ACT-05 (Approved)
Description:  Amendments to streamline P&Z Board duties and meeting procedures to better enable the P&Z Board to focus on providing their individual input regarding Community Plan consistency. 

Town Council Public Hearing: June 14, 2018Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: June 25, 2018Staff Report
Town Council Action: August 9, 2018Staff Report

Case: ACT-06 (Approved)
Description: Amendments to ensure that future development seamlessly integrates transit service into its design; amendments conforming the definition of a subdivision with State legislation; and amendments that would permit temporary facilities to be located off-site under certain conditions.

Town Council Public Hearing: October 4, 2018Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: October 22, 2018Staff Report
Town Council Action: November 15, 2018Staff Report

Case: ACT-07 (Approved)
Description: Amendments to adjust requirements related to small wireless facilities (small cells) in response to FCC actions. 

Town Council Public Hearing: November 15, 2018Staff Report
Planning and Zoning Board: November 26, 2018Staff Report
Town Council Action: December 13, 2018Staff Report



Anna Readling, AICP, Senior Planner
Planning & Development Services Department
316 N. Academy Street, 1st Floor
Cary, NC  27513