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Implementing Policies of the Imagine Cary Community Plan that are Expressed though the Built Environment

The Imagine Cary Community Plan (also referred to herein as “Plan”), adopted January 24, 2017, lays out a vision for the future of the Town created through an extensive and collaborative community planning process. That vision will come to life over the next two decades through completion of action items identified in the Plan.  These action items are the implementation measures that support the policies and initiatives of the Plan.  The cumulative result of these actions will be to achieve the vision created through the Imagine Cary community planning effort. 

Aspects of the Imagine Cary Community Plan that relate to the built environment are implemented in large part through the Town’s development regulations.  These regulations are designed to foster the creation of sustainable and vibrant neighborhoods and a strong business community, while preserving the community character that is recognized as uniquely Cary.  This occurs as a cumulative effect of the development and redevelopment of individual parcels and tracts in accordance with the regulations contained in the Land Development Ordinance.

LDO amendments are brought forward for public hearing and council consideration for a variety of reasons.  Some amendments will result in substantive changes in the type and intensity of development, while others address technical details or procedures.  Additionally, the LDO must remain compliant with State and Federal legislation, even when such legislation is not fully embraced by the Town.

Prior to 2017, LDO Amendments were called "Rounds". Rounds 20-38 can viewed online. From 2017  - present, LDO Amendments are referred to as "ACT Items". The following links provide a brief description and timing of past and pending amendments to our Land Development Ordinance.

2020 ACT Items
2019 ACT Items
2018 ACT Items
2017 ACT Items


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