The Water Resources Department is committed to:

  • Ensuring high-quality drinking water,
  • Unquestionable availability of water resources, and
  • Impacting the environment as little as possible with the return of wastewater we treat and the stormwater we manage.

Our staff works every day to meet the expected needs of our growing community and the Town’s commitment to environmentally sound development.

The Water Resources Planning Division develops and implements long-range water resource plans that address potable water supply, reclaimed water supply and wastewater management. The division manages regulatory processes, interlocal agreements and water conservation programs to ensure that water demands and wastewater needs are met reliably and cost effectively.

The Utility Design and Construction Division oversees the design and construction of our water, sewer and reclaimed water infrastructure, ensuring we build the infrastructure, of the right size, and at the right time to meet our community’s needs. Read more about the requirements for water, sewer and reclaimed water extensions.

The Stormwater Management Division encourages environmentally sound development by enforcing stormwater ordinances, addressing floodplain management, watershed protection, illegal discharges and sediment and erosion control.

Field Services works to ensure safe and reliable delivery of water, reclaimed water and the collection of wastewater by performing on-going inspection of the utility system infrastructure during construction.

Together we ensure that our water provides for your health and safety and the economic prosperity of our community.