Staff Directory

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Thomas, ToddSenior Police OfficerPolice(919) 319-4524
Taylor, DuaneLead Fleet Maintenance TechnicianPublic Works(919) 319-4593
Turner, DionFleet MaintenanceTechnician IPublic Works(919) 319-4593
Thomas, MikeWTP Mechanic/Operator IUtilities(919) 362-5502
Townsend, RyanWTP Mechanic/Operator IIUtilities(919) 362-5507
Thring, VeronicaOperations & Program Asst-Action SportsParks, Recreation & Cultural Resources(919) 380-2970
Trogdon, KathrynPublic Information SpecialistTown Manager's Office(919) 380-4227
Terry, AlexFinancial Strategy AnalystFinance(919) 380-4256
Teachey, StaceyFinancial Strategy ManagerFinance(919) 460-4947
Thomas, DavidCode Enforcement Official IIIInspections & Permits(919) 460-4977
Tatum, MikeCode Enforcement Offical III (Fire)Inspections & Permits(919) 460-4981
Troublefield, JesseSolid Waste SupervisorPublic Works(919) 462-2069
Trogdon, SamSenior Operations & Program SupervisorParks, Recreation & Cultural Resources(919) 462-3971
Townsend, JimFacilities Maintenance Mechanic IIPublic Works(919) 462-3991
Tupper, MarkAthletic Field Maintenance Technician IPublic Works(919) 462-3992
Tucker, BrittanyPolice Officer IPolice(919) 469-4012
Tonietto, BobMaster Police OfficerPolice(919) 469-4012
Toler, JustinMaster Police OfficerPolice(919) 469-4012
Thompson, MikePolice CorporalPolice(919) 469-4012
Tarrant, AmyPolice Officer IPolice(919) 469-4012