Utility Systems Maintenance

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Utility Systems Maintenance Division

Sam Tingler, Superintendent
400 James Jackson Avenue
Cary, NC 27512
P.O. Box 8005
Cary, NC 27512-8005
(919)-469-4304 (fax)

Mission, Purpose, Program

It is the mission of this division to ensure that the proper and cost efficient utility systems operation is not compromised. These services will be provided at the highest level of proficiency with the ultimate goal being, that no adverse effects of these services reach the citizens and businesses of the Town of Cary.


The Utility Systems Maintenance Division is comprised of three main components. These components are as follows: The Pump Maintenance Group is staffed by a Crew Leader, Three (3) two man crews, one independent mechanic who addresses issues of independent station checks, after hours water quality at the booster stations, and flow readings at major points and industry discharges. This division presently maintains 23 wastewater pumping facilities, 4 elevated water storage tanks, and 3 water booster pumping facilities. This division performs the majority of corrective, preventive, and landscape maintenance to all facilities. In addition to the above mentioned duties, the Pump Maintenance Division is responsible for gathering all industrial sewer flow data, major water meter flow data within the water distribution system, and generating reports to the finance department. The finance department in turn uses this information to bill the local industries on sewer usage, and calculate system wide water usage reports.

Instrumentation/Electrical Technician is responsible to oversee all major electrical and instrumentation repairs. In addition, the I/E tech continues working towards the full implementation of a Radio Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (RADIO/SCADA) information transfer system. This system is being implemented in-house with professional consulting being used as needed. RADIO/SCADA continues to be the best method transmit data from wide spread utility facilities to one central location.

The Inflow and Infiltration Group (I & I) consists of a technician and a worker. Responsibility lies in the elimination of extraneous water from entering the sanitary sewer system by means of rainwater or cracked or broken wastewater collection lines. The I & I Group continually tracks the condition of the wastewater collection system through flow monitoring and visual assessment. When a issue arises to the integrity of the collections system, a recommendation will be made in report form as to what type of repair will be needed. These repairs can vary in size and cost. A repair can be as small as installing a manhole insert to prevent rain water inflow, or to recommend as a sewer line replacement due to age or condition. These point repairs and large scale improvements all play a major role in the overall wastewater treatment costs. It is crucial to strive for total elimination of any unnecessary flow from entering the collections system. The I & I Group also responds to and addresses issues related to odor and citizen odor complaints.

A superintendent is responsible for all of these operations and oversees the day to day functions. This division will always seek to improve maintenance practices and cost conscious spending. There are no plans to increase personnel as of yet. By placing a high priority on preventive maintenance we hope to prolong the need for additional personnel.