Citizen Guide to Food Truck Permits

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Things to know before submitting your permit application:

Am I required to get a permit for my food truck?
How many food trucks can operate?
Where can food trucks operate?
What are the other operational standards that apply to food trucks?
What are the health and sanitation standards that apply to food trucks?
What permits do I need to maintain on the truck?
How long is my permit valid?
If Cary allows me to have a home-based business but my homeowner’s association (HOA) does not, which rules do I follow?
How do I submit a permit application?
What documentation do I need to upload for a complete home occupations permit application?
How long does it take to get my permit once I have applied?
Is there a permit fee to have a food truck?
Will I be required to have my property inspected by the Town of Cary?