Organizational Restructuring

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In late 2013 through 2014, the Town of Cary underwent an organization-wide restructuring effort to improve internal workplace efficiency and to provide better service to citizens and customers. It was the largest restructuring in more than 20 years, taking place over several months and resulting in the creation of functional focus areas within Town Hall.

The Cary Town Council approved position changes associated with the restructuring at its November 21, 2013, meeting. View the staff report.

The restructuring included three focus areas: Town Operations, Development Services and Public Infrastructure. The Town's 15 departments now fall under these focus areas based on their programs and activities.

Two of the Town's largest departments were divided into four smaller departments, redistributing staff and responsibilities.

View the new organizational chart and department descriptions.

Staff Changes
To oversee the new focus areas, two new Assistant Town Manager positions were created and the assistant town manager position was reclassified to Deputy Town Manager. 

Department Locations

Changes to primary administrative offices and related staff within the north wing of Town Hall along N. Academy Street are as follows:

  • Transportation and Facilities – 2nd Floor, (919) 469-4030
  • Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources – 3rd Floor, (919) 469-4061
  • Planning – 1st Floor, (919) 469-4082
  • Water Resources – 2nd Floor, (919) 469-4030

Telephone numbers, for the most part, stayed the same. Updates to Town Hall signage occurred over several months in 2014 and are now complete.

Benefits of the Reorganization
The new structure will allow for quicker and more coordinated response among the Town's approximately 1,200 staff members. Since the organization's last restructuring, the Town's population has tripled to more than 146,000 people -- a staff-to-citizen ratio of about 8.3 staff members for every 1,000 Cary residents, one of the lowest in the state. 

The restructuring was accomplished within the existing FY 2014 personnel budget. 


Russ Overton
Deputy Town Manager
Town Manager’s Office
(919) 469-4033