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Staff emails follow this format:

Falk, LeeFire CaptainFire(919) 469-4056
Fallin, SpencerFirefighter IIFire(919) 469-4056
Fannin, KevinWWWRF Senior Mechanic/OperatorUtilities(919) 535-5640
Farabaugh, MatthewTraffic Operations Field SupervisorPublic Works(919) 460-3146
Farmer, TonyFirefighter IIFire(919) 469-4056
Farrell, WilsonPlatform Solutions StrategistAdministration(919) 380-4448
Faulkner, ScottFire CaptainFire(919) 469-4056
Fenton, TimIT Operations ManagerMarketing and Information Technology(919) 460-4914
Ferreira, SeanTennis Services CoordinatorParks, Recreation & Cultural Resources(919) 462-2064
Ferrell, BradMaster FirefighterFire(919) 469-4056
Fiacco, VincePremier Athletic Field Maintenance TechnicianPublic Works(919) 380-2126
Filomena, TraceyProgram Supervisor - Environmental OutreachParks, Recreation & Cultural Resources(919) 653-7152
Fletcher, BradPolice CorporalPolice(919) 469-4012
Flowers, BeckyPolice Intelligence SpecialistPolice(919) 319-4523
Floyd, TommyCollection Systems Investigation TechnicianPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Flynn, MattStormwater Development ManagerAdministration(919) 469-4347
Foley, KatePolice Officer IPolice(919) 469-4012
Foley, MattFire CaptainFire(919) 469-4056
Folli, TyFacilities Maintenance Worker IPublic Works(919) 380-2786
Forney, DamonPlant ManagerUtilities(919) 535-5649