For Members of the Media

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Member of the media? Need Town news and information? Contact the Public Information Office at (919) 380-4240

Building Relationships 

The Town of Cary is committed to maintaining positive, effective and mutually beneficial relationships with the media. Our goal is to have the best media relations program in the state by being accurate, timely, accessible, prepared, friendly and professional.


Our focus is on making you successful. To this end and as part of our comprehensive communications effort, we undertake many initiatives targeting good media relations including training, procedures and resources for Town staff, and evaluating our performance via our annual media contact survey. What we hope from you is that your coverage will be accurate, fair and balanced.

Contacting Us

The Public Information Office oversees Cary’s media relations program. Located in the Town Manager’s Office, our single Public Information Office serves and corresponds with all Town departments including fire and police. Media are welcome to call Town staff directly weekdays during regular operating hours; you don’t need to be “cleared” through Public Information. However, using our Media Pager may get you the fastest service during business hours, nights, holidays and weekends, and we can always be reached via the Media Pager -- (919) 380-4240 (see also Getting news in Cary).

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