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Get the Facts: Wake Stone Quarry and Odd Fellows Parcels

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December 20, 2019

The Town of Cary has received many inquiries regarding recent activity with the Wake Stone Quarry and Odd Fellows parcels. The following information aims to address the frequently asked questions:

  • Staff evaluated Town maps back to 1988 and confirmed that the existing quarry is not currently and was not previously within the boundaries of the Town of Cary. It is also not located within the Town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

  • This same evaluation confirmed that the Odd Fellows parcel is not currently and was not previously within the boundaries of the Town of Cary. It is also not within the Town’s ETJ.

  • Staff held conversations with RDU staff and Umstead Park staff who confirmed that the greenway will not be closed due to the perimeter fencing. If any impact is anticipated, the short segment of the greenway that is located on RDU land will be relocated such that trail continuity is maintained. Additional information including a video directly addressing the greenway can be found on RDU’s website and blog.

  • Staff also noted that the existing quarry is shown on some maps as being within Cary’s “Land Plan Boundary.” The Land Plan Boundary designation is non-regulatory; it is an area outside of the corporate limits and ETJ into which the Town’s ETJ or corporate limits could one day expand, which historically occurs at the request of the property owner.

  • Apex, Cary, Morrisville and Wake County were required to do a full alternatives analysis as part of the application for additional allocation from Jordan Lake in 2014. The study included a Crabtree Creek & Triangle Quarry alternative as one of five potential water supply strategies. After a thorough evaluation that reviewed environmental impacts, complexity, cost and several other factors, the Crabtree Creek and Quarry option was not a practical alternative and therefore it was not considered further.