Get the Facts - SE Maynard Road Widening

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SE Maynard Road 
The Town of Cary has received questions from citizens concerned that there are imminent plans to widen SE Maynard Road. There is currently no existing or planned project in the Town's Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) or Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) regarding a widening of SE Maynard Road nor has the Cary Town Council approved any such project.

SE Maynard Road is referenced in the Town's Comprehensive Transportation Plan; however, this is a long-range visioning plan that provides what would be the ultimate cross-section/right of way for SE Maynard Road.

Site Plan Proposal
White Plains United Methodist Church had a pre-application meeting with Town staff in January 2014 that could result in road widening/right-of-way dedication for their property frontage, not all of SE Maynard Road.

Capital Improvement Budget and Capital Improvement Plan
The Town's CIB and CIP are prepared annually and include recommendations to help meet Council policy direction in the areas of service delivery, infrastructure maintenance and development, regulatory compliance, facilities planning and development, financial condition and projects needed to further enhance the quality of life in Cary. The CIB identifies revenue sources and recommendations for project funding. The CIP contains revenue and expenditure budget amounts for each FY 2015 approved capital project and sets forth funding needs for fiscal years 2016 through 2025.

Figures noted for fiscal years 2016 through 2025 are for planning purposes only and are not appropriations for those years. All amounts beyond FY 2015 are staff’s best estimate of future project needs and costs. Projects will be adjusted, and in some cases deleted, as situations and needs change throughout the course of the 10-year planning period.

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan
The Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is a “chapter” in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and is a 30-40 year visioning document. The purpose of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan is to update the official Thoroughfare Plan that is used by local, regional, state and federal decision-makers.

The plan provides for land reservation for future transportation corridors and helps guide decisions on setbacks and transportation improvements as development occurs today and into the future. Recommendations are based on variables such as traffic modeling, land use and public input. The CTP is generally updated every 5-7 years and includes roadway, bicycle pedestrian and transit elements and associated recommendations.

Juliet Andes, AICP
Facilities Planning Manager
Transportation & Facilities Department
(919) 462-2008