Consumer Benefits

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Why did the Town choose an automated system over a ride-by metering system? What's the benefit to me, the consumer?

Aquastar will provide our customers with timely information that will allow them to make better decisions about their water consumption. The system enhances our ability to quickly detect water that is leaking within the home because it provides multiple reads within a day vs. a ride-by system, which would only record consumption once a month.
Even now during Aquastar implementation, the system has identified hoses that were left running in the backyard, leaking water heaters, and on a daily basis we are helping customers better understand their water demand. The historical flow data has allowed our customer service staff to determine the number of gallons used during a “leak” event and to accurately bill customers, with credit amounts ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.
Learn more about the benefits of this new metering system by watching our Aquastar video.