Paperless Payroll

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Can you tell me more about this employee benefit?
  • In our continuing effort to enhance employee benefits, the Town of Cary is pleased to now provide access to paystubs electronically. Using a unique User ID and password over a secure third-party site, you can view your complete paystub, from vacation time to deductions and even tax information.
  • How it works (download and print a fact sheet):

    1. Visit from any device with internet access, including smartphones and tablets
    2. Enter your User ID (last four digits of your SSN followed by your birthday MMDD) and unique password (initial password is the last four digits of your SSN)
    3. Click the Log In button. Once logged in, click on the Paystubs tab to view current and past paystubs. You can also manage your account, including text and email notifications, password or other administrative options, and opt-in to view your annual W-2 tax form.
When will my new paystub be available?
  • Paystubs can be viewed the Thursday before payday. While you'll be able to access your information, paycheck funds will continue to be available on payday Friday.
How much pay history will be available?
  • Pay history beginning with the January 2, 2015 pay date is currently available on the site. Going forward, we expect to maintain at least three years of history on the site.
What if I'm locked out of my account?
  • Using your security questions, you will be able to retrieve and reset forgotten passwords online. If your user access is locked, please contact the following personnel during normal weekly business hours for assistance.
For Public Works or Utilities employees:
Terry Meyers - (919) 469-4940
Maryellen Boening - (919) 319-4543
Marianne Truitt - (919) 469-4393

For all other employees:
Payroll - (919) 469-4115

What happens to my paystubs and W-2 tax records when I leave the Town?
  • You will continue to have access via the secure website. Leaving employment with the Town of Cary does not remove or change your ability to access your pay history.
How do I receive my W-2 if I don't give permission to populate it electronically?
  • W-2s will be mailed at the end of January each year to employees who have not agreed to electronic delivery.
How do I know my financial information is secure?
  • Security is our number one concern, which is why the Town selected a company that offers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, and advanced password management to ensure the protection and integrity of all paystub data transmissions. Do know that your Social Security Number and mailing address will not be displayed on the paystub. None of the online paystub pages are cached in the memory of the computer, and each online paystub is dynamically created upon each employee's request.
What if I need a printed copy of my paystub?
  • Within the Doculivery website, select the paystub you'd like to print and then click the printer icon. To ensure employee privacy, kiosks with access to Doculivery will not be connected to printers.
What if I have other questions?
  • Call Payroll at (919) 469-4115 or contact your department's administrative staff.