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CNET is a website that contains information for all Town staff. The original CNET website launched in 2003, but up until now, it has only been available to employees using a Town computer. 

We're excited that as of February 28, all staff can access CNET 24/7, whether or not you're using a Town computer!

CNET Login page

Video Tutorials

Introduction to CNET and the change that took place on February 28 (1:30)

How to log in to CNET (2:30)

A tour of CNET's features (9:30)


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Ask for Help

If you have trouble logging in to CNET, please call Information Technology at 919-462-3925 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

If you need assistance finding information on CNET, please talk to your supervisor or your department's administrative staff, or call Human Resources at 919-469-4070.