Film & Photography

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In recognition of their potential socioeconomic contributions, we welcome film/video/photography productions in our community.

The Town of Cary pledges the highest quality customer service to individual producers and production companies as well as to existing citizens and businesses that may be impacted by such ventures.

Learn how your project can take advantage of our hospitality and commitment to your success by reading the Town of Cary’s Film/Video/Photography Guide.

The guide applies to all film/video/photography projects within Cary’s corporate limits with the exception of bona-fide news media coverage of breaking news, entertainment, sports, or other special events. Also exempt are individual recording or photography activities that use no props or models and have no community impact. Exempt projects need not contact the Town.

Call: Dial 311 within Cary town limits, or (919) 469-4000 outside of Cary town limits.