Standard Specifications - 2017

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The following standard specifications are effective 1/5/17 and are available in PDF format. Section 03500E was added in June 2019.  Projects submitted and received prior to 1/5/17 may follow the previously adopted 2009 standard specifications.

View the standard detail drawings.  

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PDF Title
PDF Cover
PDF Preface
PDF Certification
PDF Table of Contents
PDF Section 01000 Definitions & Abbreviations
PDF Section 02000 General Provisions
PDF Section 03000 Streets
PDF Section 04000 Soil Erosion, Sedimentation Control and Landscaping
PDF Section 05000 Utility Trenches
PDF Section 06000 Water Distribution System
PDF Section 06200 Cross Connection Control
PDF Section 06500 Reclaimed Water Distribution System
PDF Section 07000 Wastewater Collection Systems
PDF Section 07200 Wastewater Force Mains
PDF Section 07500 Wastewater Pumping Systems
PDF Section 08000 Storm Drainage
PDF Section 09000 Greenway Construction
PDF Section 10000 Record Drawing Checklist (Clarification added July 2018)


Definitions, General Provisions, Streets:
Kyle Hubert at (919) 462-3938,

Soil Erosion, Storm Drainage:
Matt Flynn at (919) 469-4347,

Pipe Trenches, Water Distribution, Cross Connection Control, Reclaimed Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection; Wastewater Pumping:
Brian Drake at (919) 462-3836,

Robert Hirt at (919) 481-5099,

Record Drawings:
David Johnson at (919) 462-3832,