Preconstruction Conference

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The pre-construction conference (also referred to as "Pre-Con") is intended to assist you as your project progresses into the construction phase.  At the Pre-Con, you will meet with Town staff who will assist you through your project infrastructure installation, stormwater requirements and site development standards. In attendance will be your assigned Town representatives from the stormwater (erosion), site (zoning) and infrastructure groups. Your stormwater and infrastructure representatives can be found by entering the property address on our Property Research Map and selecting the "Identify" button on the right side of the top toolbar or by contacting (919) 469-4030.

During the conference, Staff will review the following:

You may also be required to post financial guarantees with the Town if you request subdivision of your project, require right-of-way dedication or ask for the Town to assume routine maintenance of the infrastructure prior to completing all requirements for public infrastructure dedication.  

Prior to requesting the creation of lots, you will need to ensure adequate fire protection and access is in place in accordance with Building and Fire Codes and the Town's Land Development Ordinance.


David Johnson
Infrastructure Field Services Manager
Water Resources Department
(919) 462-3832