Fence Rules

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Fence regulations for aesthetics and for motorists' safety are included in the Land Development Ordinance. The standards apply to fences erected after 1995 that are on a thoroughfare or collector street.

Existing Fences

  • Fences that are within 30 feet of thoroughfares or collector streets are supposed to be no closer to the right-of-way than five feet.
  • Evergreen shrubs are required to be placed an average of every five feet of fence frontage for fences that are at least 42 inches tall (even spacing of shrubs is recommended where practical).
  • Evergreen shrubs must at least 18 inches tall at installation.

Unsure whether your fence is subject to the regulations? See a town-wide list of thoroughfares and collector streets (list subject to change).

New Fences

A fence permit is required for new or substantially rebuilt fences adjacent to a thoroughfare or collector street right(s)-of-way.


If you have questions about fence regulations and how to comply, please contact:

Planning and Development Services Department
PO Box 8005
Cary NC 27512
(919) 469-4082
(919) 388-1103 (fax)