Permitted Uses & Setbacks

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Uses in the Town of Cary are either permitted by right, require Special Use Approval or are not permitted in certain zoning districts.  To find out if your use is permitted, not permitted or requires Special Use approval, you will first want to verify your zoning by visiting Cary's Property Research Page and searching by address or location.  Once you have determined your zoning, you can visit the applicable Permitted Uses Table and Setbacks.  Permitted Use Tables and Setbacks are broken down into the following 3 areas of Town as depicted in Cary's official Zoning Map:

          Permitted Use Tables*           Setbacks 

General Use Permitted Uses 

General Use Setbacks (Residential)

General Use Setbacks (Non-Residential)

Town Center Permitted Uses

Town Center Setbacks

Walnut Street Corridor Permitted Uses

Walnut Street Corridor Setbacks

* Regardless of whether a use category is permitted by right, as a special use, or as an accessory use, there may be additional regulations that are applicable to a specific use. The existence of these use-specific regulations is noted through a section reference in the last column of the use summary table entitled "Additional Regulations."  These use-specific regulations apply to all districts unless otherwise specified and may not be varied.  Properties located in an Overlay Zoning District may pose regulations and standards in addition to those required by the general use districts except where otherwise specified for a particular overlay district.

If a property is located within a Planned Development District (PDD), you can search the PDD by name or contact the Town of Cary at 311 or (919) 469-4046 to determine the appropriate permitted uses and setbacks.  

Temporary Uses 

Some uses may be permitted as Temporary Uses provided the use does not negatively affect adjacent properties or Town facilities and provided is discontinued upon the expiration of a set time period.