Changes to SPOT residential permit applications beginning July 1, 2019

Beginning July 1, 2019, we will begin offering the opportunity to schedule SPOT (Small Permit One Hour Turn Around) permit reviews online and set up an appointment for processing. Learn more.

Active Development

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Cary is in the heart of the Triangle area, which repeatedly ranks among the top places in the nation to live, work and do business. Get your project from concept to completion with the aid of our development process flowcharts or get more details about our stages of development and permitting below.

Vision & Planning

Schedule an appointment with a Development Liaison to discuss development processes such as:

  • Verify or amend your land use or zoning
  • Apply for Special Use Approvals
  • Prepare for a Pre-Application meeting with our Development Review Committee. 
    • A Pre-Application meeting is a free opportunity to propose a draft business proposal to Town staff and receive feedback before proceeding with a business idea.
Design Approval & Permitting

Design your site in accordance with Cary's Land Development Ordinance (LDO).  

Your project may require permits and design considerations related to:

Construction Permitting & Inspections

Following development plan approvals and obtaining any necessary Federal, State and Local land permits:

Inspections are required at each phase of construction covering the site:

  • Stormwater
  • Public Infrastructure 
  • Building(s) 
  • Food Services, if applicable.  
Post-Construction Approvals
Once you have received your Certificate of Completion (CC) or Certificate of Occupancy (CO), you may have some changes to your development plan or wish to apply for a Temporary Use Permit for a grand opening event. Other post-construction permits or approvals may include Fence PermitSign Permit and Building Permit for Change of Tenant.