Surplus Equipment Auctions

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Surplus Equipment

Surplus equipment typically includes cars, trucks, heavy equipment and miscellaneous small items the Town no longer needs or uses.

The Town of Cary disposes of the majority of such equipment through two online auction companies: GovDeals and State Surplus Property Agency.

Next Items for Auction

Auction will be held on
Auction Begins: November 10, 2020
Auction Ends: November 24, 2020

Description                                                      Inventory ID 
2004 International 5600I Jet Vac                    TOC 1987
2004 JCB 215E Backhoe/Loader                     TOC 2055
2007 Autocar Garbage Truck                          TOC 2362
2008 International 7400 Jet Vac                     TOC 2610
2008 International 7400 Jet Vac                     TOC 2611
2009 Autocar Garbage Truck                          TOC 2680
2009 Crane Carrier Garbage Truck                TOC 2695
2009 Crane Carrier Garbage Truck                TOC 2696
2009 Crane Carrier Garbage Truck                TOC 2698 

Found & Seized Property

Finance Department auctions typically do not include found and seized property, which is auctioned separately by the Police Department.

Contact the Police Department’s property & evidence supervisor for more information.

To receive specific information regarding upcoming surplus auctions, contact 

Karl Keyes
(919) 380-2766