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A Message from Cary Police Chief Toni Dezomits

Post Date:05/29/2020 4:06 PM

Dear Cary Citizens,

TonyDezomits-resizeMany of you are aware of the police-related incident in Minneapolis involving the death of Mr. George Floyd. I have received correspondence from several members of our community expressing concern, anger, fear, and sadness. I too share in your emotions and sentiments regarding the heartbreaking and senseless death of Mr. Floyd. The actions of the officers in Minneapolis were deeply disturbing, inexcusable, and were void of basic human compassion. As a result, this incident has evoked strong emotions across all communities in this country and threatens to degrade the trust and positive partnerships many police departments have worked tirelessly to foster within our communities.

As you have seen in the media, many law enforcement leaders and professional organizations across our country have denounced the actions of these officers and strive to lead professional police organizations that treat their community with nothing less than dignity, respect, compassion, transparency, and professionalism each and every day. The Cary Police Department is firmly seated among those committed to those tenets and committed to ensuring that we hire, train, and retain only the very best police officers. Please feel reassured that we are dedicated to the mission of serving you, our community, in the most professional way.

Our police officers have expressed worry and concern that the actions of the officers in Minneapolis will negatively and unfairly reflect on them in the eyes of the Cary citizens that they serve. I have encouraged them to continue to serve with professionalism, patience, and compassion. They know they have my support and that I have full faith and confidence in their ability to serve with grace under the most difficult of times. I also have strong faith in the authentic partnerships we have forged with our community members through open conversations and positive interactions to make Cary the special place it is.

Thank you for your continued support and willingness to partner with us in making Cary a safe and healthy community. We are here and we are listening. Please continue to reach out to us and let us know how we can serve you.


Stay safe and well,

Toni Dezomits
Chief of Police

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