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Cary’s Bond Lake Safe, No Toxic Algae Detected

Post Date:08/13/2019 12:36 PM
  • Despite inaccurate reports, there is no toxic algae in Cary’s Bond Lake.
  • While an algal bloom was found in May, tests performed by the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources at Cary’s Bond Lake were negative for toxins.
  • There are currently no active blooms at Bond Lake.

Cary, NC – Despite inaccurate reports, Cary’s Bond Lake is safe and does not contain toxic algae. There are currently no active blooms at Bond Lake. In May, an algal bloom was noticed in the lake and tests were immediately performed by the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources. Tests were negative; no toxins were present. The online map cited in media reports simply shows that tests did occur at Bond Lake.w

In response to the inaccurate reports, Algal Ecologist Leigh Stevenson of the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources released the following statement Tuesday:

“A cyanobacterial bloom was observed in Bond Lake on May 27, 2019. The bloom was observable as bright green clumps of algae along the shoreline and a green discoloration throughout the water body.  Algal analysis showed that the algae present was a blue-green alga known to be capable of producing toxins, however toxin testing found toxins were not present at the time of sampling. Signs were posted around the lake warning the public of the possible risk to people and pets and remained onsite until the bloom dissipated. 

Bond Lake was resampled for blue-green algae on June 13. No visual indicators of an algal bloom were observed at the time of sampling and algal analysis found cyanobacteria were no longer present. Based on these results, it was determined that there was no longer a significant risk to human and animal health from blue-green algae at Bond Lake and signs were removed. If Bond Lake exhibits visual indications of an active blue-green bloom the lake will be retested by NCDEQ staff.”

Cary Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Director Doug McRainey said staff works with the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources and Department of Health and Human Services to monitor algal blooms. “If a bloom is observed, testing is immediately conducted. If results indicate toxins are present in the bloom, signage will be posted at key points around the lake.”

Citizens should note Bond Lake’s classification is for recreational boating and does not allow for contact activities, such as swimming by dogs or people.




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