Odor Control

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The Town of Cary proactively takes steps to minimize and reduce odors.

Actions Taken

While the North Cary Water Reclamation Facility has not received any odor complaints for several years, we actively take action to address these issues before they become a nuisance.

To reduce the impact of odors from the influent pump station and the main facility, the following measures have been taken:

  • North Cary WRF processes biosolids and the material is transported via tanker trucks to the South Cary WRF for further treatment in a thermal biosolids dryer.

  • Installation of a bio-filter and carbon scrubber at the influent pumping station in 2013

  • Less retention time in our storage tanks greatly reduces odor potential.

  • Effectively controlled emissions release by attentive operations and maintenance staff.

  • Installation of biofilters to effectively reduce odor releases at susceptible locations.
    Biocubes installed at influent pump station in 2003
    Biocube installed at influent parshall flume in 2004
    Biotrickling filter installed at influent distribution box in 2010

  • Odor control studies completed by consultants to identify problem areas.

  • Removal of inorganic materials on a frequent basis.

  • Application of neutralizing mist to minimize odor release.

  • Chemical addition into the waste stream to counteract release of odors in the incoming collection system.

  • Utilizing a bagging system to collect screened materials.

Future Actions to be Taken

The goal of the Town of Cary is to have an odor free facility that is a good neighbor to the community.  Staff is committed to being a good neighbor by addressing any concerns early and proactively taking action to minimize potential impacts.


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