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GoCary Fixed Route Passenger's Guide

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General Policies

  • Passengers must board the bus, pay the appropriate fare, and take a seat. It is the responsibility of the passenger to properly secure themselves with seat belts provided.  
  • Child restraint seats must be provided by passengers and it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to make sure these devices are secure. 
  • The bus driver is concerned for the safety of all passengers and will be glad to answer questions once the bus has come to a complete stop.
  • Children age 12 or older may ride GoCary unaccompanied by an adult. Children age 12 or younger must be accompanied by a family member or companion age 13 years or older. 
  • To signal the bus driver to stop at the next bus stop location, the passenger can push the signal strip near your seat. This device rings a bell informing the driver that a passenger wants to get off the bus at the next stop. Stops will not be made between designated GoCary bus stops. 
  • Persons wishing to board a GoCary fixed route bus may board or disembark at any designated GoCary bus stop sign along any of the fixed routes. Flag down boarding and exiting the bus at locations between stops will not be allowed for safety purposes.

Carry-On Policy

In general, GoCary riders should not travel with more than three packages than can safely be carried on board in one trip. All items MUST be kept out of the aisle at all times.

  • Drivers may also deny access to passengers carrying excessively large goods or products that may cause injury or disruption to other passengers.


  • GoCary vehicles are equipped with sections to accommodate all ADA mobility equipment.
  • Drivers are only allowed to use the wheelchair lift for persons with disabilities that cannot board the vehicle via the stairs. The wheelchair lift is not to be used for non-disabled passengers that want to use it for the sole purpose of loading heavy goods or baggage. Drivers may refuse use of the lift for these purposes. 

Shopping/Utility Carts 

  • Shopping carts, bicycles, and other large items are not allowed on the vehicles due to the inability to secure the items and the disruption to other passengers.
  • Suitcases will be allowed on board the bus provided that they meet the following guidelines:
  • Items may not block the aisle at any time.
  • Items or carts must not restrict passenger movement or impede the evacuation of the bus in an emergency situation.
  • All items must be secured by the passenger.
  • Packages or bags must not occupy the bus seat at any time if the bus is crowded.
  • Shopping/utility carts are not allowed at any time within the wheel-chair secured area.

Other Wheeled Items

  • Other wheeled items such as skateboards or roller blades/skates may be carried aboard. These items should be stowed in their own bag or held in the riders lap. At no time should the items be stored on the floor of the bus as to avoid them rolling around while the bus is in motion.
  • At no time are wagons, tricycles, or other wheeled devices that do not qualify as an ADA mobility device allowed on GoCary vehicles.
  • Bicycles will be allowed on buses provided that both slots in the bike rack are full and that the operator gives the rider permission. *The operator has sole discretion to refuse or accept a bicycle on the bus.

Service Animals

  • Service or guide animals necessary for travel by passengers with disabilities are allowed on all GoCary vehicles per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
  • Other Non-ADA Pets are not allowed.

Prohibited Activities

Smoking, vaping, eating and drinking (without a closed container) are prohibited on GoCary vehicles.
Bringing any items of a dangerous nature on-board buses including: weapons, including concealed weapons (pistols, rifles, knives or swords);flammable liquids; dangerous, toxic or poisonous substances; vessels containing caustic materials, chemicals, acids or alkalis; fishing rods which are not broken down or have unsecured or exposed hooks or lures, ski poles unless secured to skis or have tip covers; sheet glass and sharp objects.

Reasonable Modifications

GoCary is committed to ensure equality and fairness by making reasonable modifications to policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure programs and services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Whenever feasible, a request for modification or accommodation to GoCary fixed route or door to door policies and procedures should be made in advance before service is expected. Individuals with disabilities may request that GoCary make reasonable accommodations in order to fully use transit services. All requests should be made verbally or in writing to: 
GoCary Transit Services Administrator
Town of Cary Transportation & Facilities Department/GOCARY
P.O. BOX 8005
Cary, NC 27512
Examples of a reasonable modification: It is reasonable for a bus driver to pull up ahead/after a designated stop if there is an illegally parked car in the way. However, it is not reasonable to ask the bus driver to take you to another location because you gave the incorrect address during your booking. It is reasonable to allow a person with a medical condition, such as diabetes, to eat something (such as a hard candy or a chocolate bar) to avoid adverse health conditions. However, it is not reasonable to consume a meal while on the bus because you didn’t have time to eat your meal before the bus arrived.
Upon request, alternative formats of this policy will be produced for people with disabilities. Call 919-380-2134 or email


All GoCary fixed route buses are wheelchair accessible. Each bus has space to accommodate securing two wheelchairs.

  • The wheelchair lift is available for those passengers with disabilities in wheelchairs or for passengers unable to use the stairs.
  • The lift is not available for passengers to use for the sole purpose of loading large or heavy quantities of packages or groceries.

Rack-N-Roll Program

The GoCary Rack-N-Roll Program makes riding fixed routes more convenient for bicyclists. Bike racks on each bus can accommodate two wheeled, single seat bicycles. Tandems, tricycles and bicycles with wheels less than 16 inches in diameter are not compatible. For information about the Town of Cary’s Bike & Pedestrian Program, please refer to the link below or call Juliet Andes at (919) 462-2008.

You may also view the Town of Cary Bicycle Projects page for more information.

Best practices for bringing a bike on GoCary

  • When loading or unloading, maintain as much eye contact with the driver as possible. 
  • Avoid kneeling or squatting out of the driver’s line of sight. 
  • Be sure to load and unload your bicycle toward the curb. 
  • When approaching and leaving the bus, be aware of the driver’s blind spots and avoid them. Areas behind the wheels on both sides are major blind spots. Should you approach the bus from these angles, you will be outside the range of the driver’s mirrors. Always make sure the driver sees you and recognizes that you are loading a bicycle before walking in front of the bus. 
  • Do not expose yourself to traffic when loading or unloading your bike. The bus is a major vision barrier for motorists. 
  • As a safety precaution, once you have disembarked and gained control of your bike, make sure that you wait for the bus to move completely away from the stop before mounting your bike. 
  • Wear a safety helmet when riding your bike. For children 16 years and younger, it’s the law. 
  • Children 11 years old and younger may use the rack but only when accompanied by an adult (age 18 years or older). 
  • Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus unless both of the slots on the exterior bike rack are full. The driver may exercise discretion to determine if a bicycle is allowed inside the bus.
  • The Town of Cary is not responsible for damages incurred or caused by or to bicycles on GoCary bike racks.

Inclement Weather

Even in extreme weather the GoCary system will make every attempt to run its routes. However, safety is our first priority, both to our passengers and our drivers.

  • When service runs in extreme conditions, time schedules may be altered in the interest of safety. The status of the bus can be checked by calling 919-481-2020. GoCary fixed route service may operate when Door-to-Door service does not operate, since fixed routes operate primarily on major streets. Transit Services Administrator will make the final determination for Door-to-Door inclement weather cancellations based on the weather forecast.

For questions about GoCary Fixed Route service, please contact: 

Christine Sondej, Transit Planner                                                                                                                           Transportation & Facilities Department                                                                                                              (919) 380-2134