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Promoting Healthy Occupancy through Education, Networking, and Information Exchange

In Cary, we believe community safety is directly tied to how involved citizens are with helping keep it safe. Project PHOENIX is designed to help residents, owners and rental property managers keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property.

This initiative brings Cary police and apartment managers together to share information, review crime trends and develop strategies for solving problems and reducing the fear of crime in and near multifamily housing developments. Team officers will partner with residents and management staff to become involved in community affairs and tailor services to the unique characteristics and needs of the participating properties.

In this video, Project Phoenix community managers, residents and supporters talk about how the program has impacted their communities.


  • A stable, satisfied tenant base
  • Reputation for active management
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased property value
  • Improved personal safety for residents and manager/staff.


To be considered an active partner in Project PHOENIX, the apartment manager and their property must meet and maintain certain requirements.

  • The lease must include a Drug and Crime-Free Housing section or addendum
  • The property manager must attend the one-day Property Management Workshop
  • The property manager must host at least one social event each year
  • The property must meet and maintain several Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) requirements, where applicable. For example:
    • Solid core front door
    • Deadbolt with a minimum one-inch throw
    • Anti-slide and anti-lift devices for sliding glass doors
    • Wide-angle eye-viewers (peepholes)
    • Tree canopies trimmed up to six feetBushes and shrubs trimmed down to three feet
    • Adequate lighting
    • Adequate signage

PHOENIX officers will conduct an initial assessment of the property and provide the property manager with a detailed report outlining which requirements they do and do not meet.  Officers will conduct periodic followups and annual assessments to ensure requirements are continually being met.

Apartment communities that meet these criteria will have a Project PHOENIX liaison officer assigned to their property.  Property managers will receive individualized incident cards informing them of any crimes or events that occurred on or near their property in a timely manner. The properties will be listed on this website as an active and participating member.  In addition, signs can be placed on their property identifying them as an active member.

Participating Communities

The following apartment communities have volunteered to partner with the Project PHOENIX team and are currently working toward meeting the above mentioned criteria.

Amberton at Stonewater
Arbors at Cary
Amberwood at Lochmere
Ashton Woods
Bell Preston Reserve
Bennington Woods
Bexley at Carpenter Village
Bexley at Panther Creek
Bexley at Triangle Park
Boundary Village
Brook Arbor
Cary Pines
Cary Reserve at Weston
Century Tryon Place
Chancery Village
Chatham Forest
Crescent Arbors
Franklin at Crossroads
Harrison Grande
Hawthorne at the Parkway
Hermitage at Beechtree
Hyde Park
Gregory North
Gregory South
The Grove at Cary Park
Legacy Crossroads
The Lodge
Lofts at Weston Lakeside
Cary Pines Townhomes
Maynard Summit 
Meadows at Kildaire
Meridian at Harrison Pointe
Woodlyn on the Green
Oxford Square
Park at Crossroads
Parkside Place
Phillips Chatham Pointe
Pine Ridge
The Marq at Weston
The Reserve at Cary Park
The Reserve at Magnolia Ridge
Tradition at Stonewater
Waterford Forest
Weston Lakeside
Westwood Park
Williamsburg Manor
Windsor at Tryon Village

The Project PHOENIX team

The Project PHOENIX Team is made up of one captain, one sergeant and five officers.

Capt. John Szymeczek (Team Commander)
Sgt. Robin Edwards
Officer Brian Austin
Officer Kevin Bern
Officer Lekisha Branch
Officer (transfer pending)
Officer (transfer pending)


For questions about Project PHOENIX,  at email the team or contact:

Sgt. Robin Edwards
120 Wilkinson Ave.
Cary, NC 27513
(919) 469-4324