The Town collects garbage weekly at the curb on the same day as yard waste collection. Garbage must be placed in the Town-provided rollout carts and set to the curb each week. Automated trucks are used to pick up carts similar to recycling collection. Our program sanitation fee is $16 per month.

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Household Garbage Guidelines

  • Household garbage should be sealed in plastic bags and placed inside your Town-provided roll-out cart.
  • Do not mix yard waste with garbage, and consider recycling all accepted items in the Cary Recycles program.
  • Be sure that ashes are fully extinguished before disposing.
  • Medical waste/syringes should be properly contained in a puncture-proof plastic bottle, coffee can, etc. before placing it in your garbage cart. 

How to Set Your Cart at the Curb

  • Place your garbage cart at the curb no earlier than dusk the night before your collection day and no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Set the cart at the curb with the arrows pointing to the street as indicated on the lid.
  • Carts should be placed out of the roadway and away from light poles, mailboxes and fire hydrants.
  • Leave ample space between your garbage cart(s), recycling cart(s) and yard waste.
  • Remove your emptied cart from the curb before 6 a.m. the next day. 

Roll-out cart(s) - Proper use and how to order additional carts.

Bulky Trash

Bulky trash are items inappropriate to place in the garbage truck for compacting. Examples include furniture, gas grills, wheel barrows, bicycles, mattresses and box springs. You may schedule a bulky trash pick up (fee applies) by calling (919) 469-4090. The fee for bulky trash pick up is $15 for the first item picked up curbside and $8 for each additional item collected during the same trip. (For example, the costs are $23 for two items or $31 for three items). You may also dispose of these items at the Citizen's Convenience Center at no charge.

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Refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers and similar appliances can be picked up curbside for a fee; call (919) 469-4090 to schedule a pickup. Appliances can also be dropped off at the Cary Citizen's Convenience Center for a fee of $10 per appliance, or taken to the Wake County Multi-Material Facility at no charge.

Hazardous Waste Disposal  including oil-based paint is not collected or accepted at the Citizen's Convenience Center.

How to dispose of latex paint (less than two inches): Dry it out by setting in the sun for several hours, place lid back on and put inside your garbage cart, OR, latex paint that is completely dry can also be dropped off at the Citizen's Convenience Center, 313 N. Dixon Ave.

If you have more than two inches of latex paint, please properly dispose of it as household hazardous waste.

Yard Waste Collection 

Yard waste is collected on your regular garbage collection day, unless there is a holiday scheduled during the week. Yard waste consists of vegetative matter collected as a result of landscaping. Learn more about our yard waste services.

Dead animals

Dead animals are accepted for disposal at the South Wake Landfill, 6300 Old Smithfield Road, Apex, so long as they are not microbiological or pathological waste. Town crews will pickup animal carcasses found in the street or on the curbside in a plastic bag. Call (919) 469-4090 to request a free collection.