Fire Station 9 Relocation

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The Town is planning to build a new fire station to replace its outdated Fire Station 9. Built in 1974, and originally designated as Fire Station 2, the facility was designed and built to accommodate one fire truck and three firefighters. During its 42 years of service, the number of apparatuses assigned to the facility doubled, while the number of personnel assigned rose to 15.

When constructed, the facility was designed to predominately serve a residential area generally bounded by Maynard Road and the Walnut Street corridor through Buck Jones Road. In recent years the area has expanded and transformed to represent a more mixed use community of residential and commercial developments.

Further, the station is in disrepair and has reached the end of its useful service life. 


  • The building's condition shows major wall separations, floor and foundation subsidence, and an undermined and fractured apparatus floor and front ramp.
  • The station is overcrowded by vehicles and staff.
  • From its current location, emergency units responding from the station do not meet the Town’s response-time goals in the Crossroads through Holly Springs Road service area.

In 2012, the citizens approved a Community Investment Bonds referendum which funded the construction of a new Fire Station 2, located in the downtown area at 601 E. Chatham Street. Fire Station 2 was opened in December 2015 to help with response time issues in the downtown area.

The former Station 2 was renamed Fire Station 9 with plans to relocate Station 9 to 1427 Walnut Street. The completion of the new Fire Station 2 and Fire Station 9 relocation projects will ensure the Fire Department meets current and future demands associated with response-time goals in the downtown area as well as in the Crossroads/US 1 corridor area.

Renderings and Site Layout - September 2017

Rendering 1 (11.9 MB)

Rendering 2 (16.2 MB)

Site Layout (8.3 MB)

Project Schedule

The anticipated schedule for this project is summarized as follows:

  • Demolition of Existing Buildings: July 2017 to September 2017
  • Community Meeting: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 4-7 p.m.
    Fire Station No. 2, 601 E. Chatham Street
  • Planning and Design: Fall 2016 to Spring 2018
  • Construction: Summer 2018 to Fall 2019 

Project Cost

The estimated total project cost of $7,900,000 supports design and construction. Of this total project cost, $1,000,000 comes from the 2012 Community Investment Bonds referendum approved by voters. 

  • Design (estimate) $750,000
  • Construction (estimate) $7,150,000

The land at 1427 Walnut Street was purchased in October 2013.


David Ranes
Assistant Fire Chief – Logistics
(919) 319-4578

Susan Parker
Building Engineer
(919) 462-3838