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Why limit new member registration for the 2017/18 Cary Teen Council to rising 9-11th grade Cary residents only?

Teen Council membership has eclipsed 1,000 member which has resulted in high demand for volunteer opportunities. Many events have limited age requirements that target high school students. This has resulted in reduced opportunities for middle school members. These changes will allow us to best serve our Cary citizens while provide enough volunteer opportunities to maintain the quality and experience members have come to expect.

Are current members who renewed for 2017/18 affected by these changes?

Middle school and nonresident members that renewed in April/May 2017 are grandfathered into the program for 2017/18. They will remain eligible for Cary Teen Council until they either age out or fail to renew in future years.

Is a sibling of a current Cary Teen Council member eligible for new membership for 2017/18?

If a sibling is a rising 9-11th grade Cary resident, they are eligible to apply as a new member for 2017/18. If a sibling is a rising 9-11th grade non-resident, they are not eligible to join Cary Teen Council. We have provided a list of resources below that may be of interest.

Will middle school students be eligible in 2018/2019?

Staff will continue to monitor and evaluate the demand of the program against available volunteer opportunities to determine if middle school students will be eligible for membership in future years.

What other programs are available for middle school students?

Middle school students can participate in a variety of programs offered through “Teen Scene” all year long! Teen Scene offers great options including classes, programs, event and trips. Programs geared toward ages 11-17 include kayaking, hiking, or playing sports like basketball, fencing, tennis, skateboarding and volleyball. There are also dance, music, paint, sculpting and culinary classes. Educational offerings include babysitting safety, ACT and SAT test preps, college essay and application writing and more. To see all that’s upcoming for summer 2017, take a look online or pick up a Teen Scene at any Town of Cary facility!

Will you add new members after June 30 if space allows?

June 30 is the deadline to submit applications for 2017/18, however we fully expect membership will still eclipse 1,000 members with these eligibility changes.

Are there other outside volunteer opportunities you could recommend?

The following offer a Youth Council program, whether associated with the municipality or as a separate organization:

Depending on age, the following organizations allow individuals to volunteer:

The following organizations offer volunteering based on applications required for consideration: