Nature Programs Expand to West Cary!

White Oak Creek Greenway Program

Starting Fall 2015, the Stevens Nature Center began offering various programs for adults and families around Cary. Umstead State Park, White Oak Creek Greenway,and Bond Park are just a few of the stops made last fall and this past spring. Stay tuned as we continue to offer programs this summer for adults and children, including a camp and a 2-hour children's program at Mills Park Elementary.

For more on how to join in on a Cary nature adventure, check out the Nature Education section of the program guide.

Children's Nature CenterNew Children's Nature Center

The Children's Nature Center is the newest and one of the final elements to be added to the Children's Nature Trail. Inside, children can find posters about some of the preserve's resident animals. Posters will change occasionally; be sure to have your child peek in to learn more about the animal friends at Hemlock Bluffs.

The birds are back in town! On your next visit to the Children's Nature Trail, see if you can find all the ceramic birds and other animals in the trees!

Volunteer and Scout Project Updates


National Trails DayNational Trails Day 2016

Thank you to the 108 volunteers that joined us for National Trails Day 2016! Our groups this year included boy scouts, girl scouts,employees from the local North Face store, and other local families. Volunteers helped mulch Swift Creek Loop Trail, replace gravel on the Swift Creek Loop Trail stairs, picked up trash along Kildaire Farm Road, and provided much needed garden work in the courtyard.

NTD_FOHBA special thanks to the Friends of Hemlock Bluffs for providing lunch for all of the volunteers and staff. Also, thank you for donating some of our raffle items!



Elizabeth TElizabeth T, Bluebird Box and Display

Elizabeth, a Girl Scout Silver Award candidate, added an interactive bluebird box to the children's nature trail. This box has a side door that allows visitors to view what a nest would look like. She also installed a bluebird box nearby and a pair of bluebirds quickly made it their home this spring. We thank her for these bird boxes and for some of the pavers added to the Children's Nature Trail.

Reid AReid A, Portable Creek Bridges

Reid, an Eagle Scout Candidate, built portable bridges for easier creek crossing in programs. This will help improve the safety of participants and will help prevent erosion of the creek banks. Thanks Reid for your hard work on this wonderful addition to our program resources.

Bobby RBobby R, Children's Nature Trail Arbor

Bobby, an Eagle Scout Candidate, added a second arbor to the Children's Nature Trail and installed a retaining wall for the trashcans beside the arbor. Thanks Bobby for helping us put these finishing touches on the trail.


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