Featured Artist

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This year's featured artist is Sarah Sheffield, owner of Sheffield Art Studio. Sarah started her professional life in social services and soon decided against continuing in that field. Having grown up around design (an architect grandfather, an art teacher mother and industrial designer father), she decided to take her Master in Public Administration, develop an art portfolio, and enter the arts field. After years of running her own graphic arts business and teaching art part-time in community facilities, she was hired as a permanent arts instructor for the City of Raleigh. Her career shifted into arts administration and she eventually became the Cultural Arts Supervisor for the Town of Cary, programming and supervising arts programs for children and adults in two arts centers. Following retirement from that position, she began making stained glass and painting.

Originally from Detroit, she spent her teen and adult years in Virginia, Tennessee, California and North Carolina. Detroit influences her subject choices in that she is often pulled toward urban and ordinary subjects. Her travels east, west, and internationally, on the other hand, have opened her up to more lush environments.

Sarah's art, entitled Ringing in Lazy Daze, was selected as the poster art for the 40th celebration of the Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival. 


Artist Statement 

"The most important ideas I wanted to convey in the design were community, fun, and change. I chose to include the Town Crier as a main focal point because the Websters so succinctly represent partnerships between the town government and community groups, one being Sister Cities, as well as the welcoming attitude of Cary as a community. I used bright colors and balloons to support the feeling of fun. In 40 years the festival has undergone many changes and more so this year. The vertical elements of the painting speak to change, energy and the forward drive that is found in the festival and the community at large."