Online Compost Bin Sales

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April 9 – May 9, 2018

Each spring we host an online compost bin sale.  

To order a bin during this limited time, please visit the EnviroWorld website.

Through this opportunity, you can order your own home compost bin at below-wholesale cost so you can turn your kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer. Made available through EnviroWorld, the 311-liter residential compost bins are offered for purchase for half the typical retail price.

compost bin

The Town of Cary believes in supporting your home composting efforts so that, together, we can significantly reduce landfill waste and improve the soil quality of our community. To help you live green and save green, we contract with an outside company that manufactures home compost bins and accessories for an annual online sale. Citizens can order and purchase the bins through an online system during a four week period each spring. Purchased compost bins and accessories will be shipped in bulk to the Town of Cary and each purchaser will receive a notification to come and pick up their bin.

Along with our annual compost bin sale we also offer online information about getting started with composting, compost giveaway workshops and free demonstrations all year long at our Compost Education Center in Bond Park. Additionally, did you know that all of our yard waste that we collect at the curb and our Citizens Convenience Center is also composted? In fiscal year 2014 the Town collected 20,147.25 tons of yard waste for composting.

Please see our Composting Solutions page for quick tips and to learn more about our Town Composting Ordinance. Additionally, we also recommend checking with your HOA, when applicable, regarding home compost restrictions. 


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