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Construction Update - May 14, 2018

Installation of the temporary signal is almost completed and it is expected to be activated within the week. Temporary lane closures throughout the intersection are still anticipated in order to remove the existing traffic signals and for installation of new fiber optic cable. Road construction will begin on the southbound Cary Parkway approach while AT&T utility work continues on the westbound High House Road approach.

Temporary Signal

180509, Temp Signal


Construction Update - April 30, 2018

Road construction has begun on the westbound High House Road approach.  AT&T is relocating their facilities at this approach and will move to the southbound Cary Parkway approach.  Erosion control measures have been installed at various locations throughout the intersection.  Throughout the next month there will be temporary lane closures on each approach in order to install a temporary traffic signal on wooden poles, removal of the existing traffic signal, and installation of new signal fiber optic cable.  All driveways and business at the intersection will be open during construction.

Wooden Poles for Temporary Signal